Thursday, January 27, 2011

WELCOME to the first ever Running Physio blog! I am a practicing Physiotherapist and Exercise Physiologist on the beatuiful Sunshine Coast in Australia.  Although I  have several  clinical/professional interests, my passion is endurance sports.....particularly running and equine endurance! At the moment I am in training for my second attempt at The North Face 100km; an off road ultramarathon running race in the Blue Mountains next May.

Acupuncture treatment for injury knee
Plenty of trail running, hill sessions, stretching and injury troubleshooting coming up over the next 16 weeks of training............. unfortunately starting with this week on the injury front :(   (Fell over on soft ground and impacted my knee and shoulder) Fortunately, I have an amazing team of Physiotherapists and an Acupuncturist whose advice I eagerly seek and relcutanctly follow! I would much rather be the athlete than the physio treating the athlete like me as my philosophy centres around "keep running and the problem will fix itself!!" Flies in the face of the 7 years of University training I have undertaken, as well as a recent Master's submission (results pending!).  This philosophy has it's place sometimes but there are plenty of others where the professional voice rings through loud and clear....sometimes it's just not as timely as it should be!

I also have a great training partner in Andy who is an experienced ultradistance runner ( whom I regularly seek advice from as well as have great, avid, vibrant conversations.  A talkative Welshman by your side really helps to pass the time; especially on the long runs!! We have some great discussion that I am sure are fodder for his blog posts!!

Happy running everyone!  See you all on the trails.